Experience a Polar Adventure on board the new Greg Mortimer!

The Greg Mortimer is a brand new 104-metre ship purpose-built for expeditions to both Antarctica and the Arctic. Set to sail its first voyage in October 2019, this vessel will accommodate a maximum of 100 passengers to plus kayakers and divers on polar voyages. See below for our range of expedition voyages available for this spectacular new ship.

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Greg Mortimer: Svalbard Odyssey

11 days
Revel in the diversity of the Svalbard Island and sail into the kingdom of the polar bear. We explore the coastline, with no open sea crossings, against a backdrop of spectacular glacier covered peaks. We discover deep fjords in the west; mysterious, fossil-rich desert plains in the east; and best of all, seals and whales in the Arctic pack ice. This voyage offers the best chance for seeing reindeers and polar bears, and features wildflower walks across sweeping tundra, trapper camps and historic sites
from A$8200

Greg Mortimer: Jewels of the Arctic

15 days
Certainly one of our most-anticipated voyages each year, the Jewels of the Arctic will change you forever: while cruising the icy waters of the Greenland Sea between Iceland and Spitsbergen, keep an eye out for whales, sea ice and countless sea birds. Your days will be jam-packed with once-in-a-lifetime moments: we Zodiac cruise amongst gigantic icebergs, revel in gorgeous tundra walks, spot Arctic foxes, musk ox, walrus and polar bears. Greenland’s breathtaking mountainous landscapes will leave you speechless as the voyage goes along!
from A$10500

Greg Mortimer: Antarctic Explorer Fly/Sail

11 or 12 days
This Fly/Sail itineraries feature the best of Antarctica and allows for more exploration, crossing the Drake Passage either once or fly across both. Get up close with iridescent icebergs, vast colonies of Adelie and gentoo penguins as well as islands that are alive with leopard seals busy with courtship, bustling penguins and maybe feeding whales!
from A$11831

Greg Mortimer – Across the Antarctic Circle

13 days
Crossing the geographical milestone of the Antarctic Circle is a moment to celebrate, and we do so with enthusiasm. In this frozen area of extraordinary beauty, powerful orcas and leopard seals patrol the waters, while ethereal snow petrels grace the skies against a backdrop of bristling mountain ranges and surreal icebergs. Threading our way through an intricate system of icy waterways, we aim for the glorious Crystal Sound at the mouth of The Gullet
from A$15071

Greg Mortimer – Spirit of Antarctica

12 days
Antarctic adventures are best enjoyed midsummer, when near-midnight sun powers an explosion of life along the shore and brightens the thought of camping out, early alpine climbing starts or extended kayaking trips. Penguin highways are busy with traffic as parents hurry to fatten chicks and waterways are alive with whales and seals. We visit historic sites and step onto the most spectacular continent on Earth
from A$13944

Greg Mortimer: Wild Antarctica Fly/Sail

13 days
Welcome to the ice factory! Thanks to vast ice shelves that calve monstrous tabular icebergs, waters rich in krill and otherworldly landscapes, the Weddell Sea is one of Antarctica's most unique regions. Our new expedition ship, Greg Mortimer, is ice-strengthened to take you comfortably between the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula's west coast for the best of both worlds! This itinerary is perfect for those wishing to cut down the time spent sailing and more time exploring! Enjoy a scenic flight from Punta Arena to King George Island where and skip the Drake Passage crossing
from A$15775

Greg Mortimer: South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

20 or 21 days
Summer comes to South Georgia’s remote, untamed landscape like a freight train. Famed for its abandoned whaling stations and Shackleton’s heroic journey, South Georgia is home to millions of fur seals and penguins, wallows of elephant seals, and nesting albatross. We arrive at the breeding cycle peak, as chicks become juveniles, parents shuttle fish and seal pups thrill with mock charges. Retracing Shackleton’s boat voyage, we visit Elephant Island before continuing south along the Antarctic Peninsula
from A$24930

Greg Mortimer: Christmas in Antarctica

13 days
‘Tis the season to be in Antarctica! Enjoy the ultimate White Christmas on-board the all-new Greg Mortimer! This is the best time to see penguin chicks hatch, skuas are on alert, and late-bloomers try to finish off their nests. With 24 hours of daylight, we pack in continental landings, visits to historic sites and scientific stations, and perhaps an after-dinner Zodiac cruise. You could share protected channels with minke and humpback whales, kayak amongst ice floes and drift near curious wildlife or sleep like a true Antarctic explorer when you camp out on the ice!
from A$15775

Greg Mortimer: Arctic Discovery

21 days
This voyage combines remote wilderness with remote urbanity giving you a genuine glimpse of life in the Arctic. Kayak in small bays witnessing calving glaciers, marvel at sculpted icebergs, the world's largest fjord, volcanoes, polar bears, reindeer, musk ox and Inuit communities. This expedition will leave you with spectacular photos and a lifetime of stories to share!
from A$14900

Greg Mortimer: Arctic Complete – Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland

23 days
This combination of our popular Arctic itineraries (Spitsbergen Odyssey and Jewels of the Arctic) will allow you to experience the best of the European Arctic over 23-days. Starting on Spitsbergen, you’ll explore its coastline of calving glaciers, towering bird cliffs and pack ice and spot walruses, reindeer and even polar bears! After crossing the Greenland Sea, our ship will follow East Greenland’s coastline filled with the largest fjord system in the world, calving icebergs, friendly native communities and untouched tundra-covered valleys, before reaching its finishing point, Iceland
from A$16200
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