Kimberley Explorer

11 Days - Greg Mortimer

The spectacle of the western Kimberley coast beckons. Marvel at the contortions of a rocky landscape that’s been sculpted across an implausible geological timescale. Be awed by the power of its waters, with massive tides, foaming whirlpools and rapid currents. Visit Aboriginal rock art galleries to discover enigmatic beings of the Wandjina tradition. Zodiac-cruise mighty rivers and meandering creeks while you search the muddy banks for a sunning saltwater crocodile or gaping mudskipper fish, or sit quietly alongside lush mangrove forests delighting in a morning chorus of birdsong. While at sea, keep a look out for breaching humpback whales, curious green sea turtles, majestic manta rays, timid dugongs and the endemic snubfin dolphin. At the end of each day, relax with a drink in the spectacular Kimberley sunset and reflect on your day’s adventures.

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