Aleutian Islands

17 Days - Sylvia Earle

Board your expedition ship in the stunning, remote fishing port of Seward, Alaska, and begin exploring the rugged Alaskan Peninsula coast, where deeply incised fjords give access to glaciers tumbling from icefields high above. Brown bears, whales, dolphins and seals are but some that call this coast home, and wildlife only increases as you traverse the Aleutians, a 1900-km chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 55 smaller ones that forms the Pacific Rim of Fire’s northern arc. This natural boundary separates the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Sea—a designated Mission Blue Hope Spot—creating a dynamic environment that supports amazing biodiversity, including caribou, sea otters, Steller sea lions, orcas and gray whales. Delight in black-legged kittiwakes, tufted puffins, crested auklets, peregrine falcon, tundra
swans and so much more. Landings reveal historical relics ranging from Aleut villages and Russian fur trade depots to remnants of World War II battles and Cold War bases. Every day promises something to fire your passion especially finishing up on Russia’s spectacular Kamchatka Peninsula.

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