The Great Adventure

17 Days - L'Austral

Roald Amundsen, Jean-Baptiste Charcot, Paul-Émile Victor, and Ernest Shackleton: so many explorers set off to the Antarctic, to conquer the extreme South. With this 17-day expedition cruise package on-board L'Austral you can follow in their footsteps.

You will begin your voyage in Ushuaia, the key embarkation port for exploring the southern lands. You will cruise into the heart of Neko Harbour, one of the most beautiful bays in the Antarctic Peninsula. You will head out in Zodiac dinghies to discover the enchanted setting of icebergs and wildlife (gentoo penguins). You’ll then sail to Deception Island, for a port of call stamped by history. Animals may seem to rule these parts today, but the traces of man are still very visible, with uninhabited cabins and vestiges of the whaling industry.

Your next ports of call will be on the coastlines of South Georgia. Here you will discover the sublime landscapes of Gold Harbour, with its blue-tinged glaciers, volcanic beaches and snow-capped mountains, and Fortuna Bay, a perfect arc colonised by a joyous troop of king penguins. The city of Montevideo, in Uruguay, will mark the end of your journey into the heart of the remarkable landscapes of the Antarctic, an ice paradise of breathtaking beauty.

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