Svalbard and Northern Norway – an autumn odyssey 2023

17 Days - M/S Stockholm

This is a true expedition cruise for those of you who are dreaming of experiencing the magical autumn in Svalbard and exploring some of Northern Norway’s most scenic sites. In October, our small and charming ship, M/S Stockholm, heads out on an expedition cruise from Svalbard to Tromsø, during which we aim to visit sites that are hard or impossible to reach during the summer season. The autumn in Svalbard invites us to a soft photo light, beautiful sunsets, crisp autumn colours and chances to see the magical Northern lights dancing in the sky. The fjords are slowly starting to freeze and perhaps the first snow has fallen and covers the impressive mountain peaks. October is a perfect time to explore the landscape on foot and we hope to head out on several refreshing hikes to enjoy breath-taking views, dramatic nature and the Arctic silence. While sailing and exploring, we keep our eyes peeled for the fantastic wildlife Svalbard has to offer such as the Svalbard reindeer, Arctic foxes in winter fur, humpback whales, herd of seals, walruses and the king of the Arctic - the polar bear.

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