Chiloé Islands - Veliche Route

3 Days - MV Skorpios III

For decades Chiloé has been considered the base of expeditions to the south of Chile and Patagonia, from here departed great explorations from the discovery of the San Rafael Lagoon, to the taking possession of the Strait of Magellan, it has been considered the captain of the Austral routes and many Jesuit missionaries gave their lives evangelizing and colonizing much of its islands. Thus were born numerous churches that today are part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO

For this reason Skorpios Cruises, opens a new tourist route aimed at those islands of the island Chiloé territory so that tourists can know the essence of this Chilote town and its customs.

Ruta VELICHE, is the name we have given to this excursion, which in Mapudungun means "people of the south", in memory of these ancient navigators who gave rise to the Chilote people.

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