The world’s first HYBRID Icebreaker to set sail in the Polar Regions.

Our Polar cruising partner PONANT has announced the launch of the world’s first hybrid icebreaker to join their fleet in 2021. The Ponant Icebreaker will reach previously inaccessible regions and charter as far as the North Pole, Northeast of Greenland, the Weddell Sea, Ross Sea, and Peter I Island.

The future of Polar cruising will lead with new and innovative technology designed to make extreme exploration possible with the utmost respect for our environment. PONANT’s newest edition to its fleet will be able to sail through an ice flow of up to 2.5m thickness, and compression ridges of more than 10 metres.

The Ponant Icebreaker promises to combine ultimate luxury and comfort with magnificent adventures in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. With 135 staterooms, panoramic suites with private balconies, personalised services, gastronomic cuisine and spa facilities, passengers will enjoy their on-board experience as much as their shore excursions. Enjoy incredible views from helicopter rides, to Zodiac cruising up-close to the wildlife.

With sustainable development at the heart of its design, this LNG-powered icebreaker will venture beyond the current environment regulations with the following breakthroughs:

  • Reduction of SO2, NOX, CO2 and particle emissions thanks to the use of LNG
  • Zero emissions when in electric hybrid mode
  • Use of advanced Dual Fuel/GNL technology
  • Compliance with new IMO (International Maritime Organization) 2020 regulations on Sulphur emission levels
  • Compliance with ECA requirements (Emission Control Area)


Energy management

  • Energy optimisation system that precisely measures consumptions and
  • optimisation of ship sailing methods
  • Waste Heat Recovery System
  • Electric output optimised and consumption reduced through the use of
  • latest generation electric batteries


Water treatment

  • Advanced Waste Water Treatment system
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