Papua New Guinea

Meet colourful locals and explore a pristine maritime playground as you explore the final frontier in travel.

Despite being Australia’s closest neighbour, most people are unaware of the incredible cultures and rich history that sits right on our doorstep. Made up of around 600 islands, Papua New Guinea, or PNG as it is more commonly known, is home to over 1000 distinct ethnic groups with their own traditions and customs.

From the ghost-like clay covered Asaro mudmen and striking Huli wigmen, to the Bainings Firedancers, the diverse cultural identities are astonishing. A raft of annual community-led mask and dance festivals bring people together to celebrate their shared and separate cultural heritages.

PNG offers something for everyone. Idyllic beach retreats, lush green highland escapes, remote river cruising, and genuine cultural immersion. Thrill seekers can swim with dolphins, dive with sharks and explore spectacular reefs and shipwrecks. With less than 100,000 tourists annually, authentic local connections are not only a possibility, they are unavoidable. Wander the vibrant local markets; stay overnight in remote communities, learn local legends and share in important rituals and celebrations. Go beyond the headlines and discover one of Oceania’s best kept secrets.

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