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Central America Tours

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Captivating Cuba: History, Culture & Beaches

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See our range of private and group tours to this fascinating country combining vibrant culture and stunning white beaches.

The Mayan Empire: Guatemala & Mexico

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Enjoy this journey from colonial Antigua to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Mexican Riviera. You’ll experience the…

Discover Exotic Mexico

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Check out our range of Mexico tours – experience the culture, cuisine and spectacular scenery of this stunning country.

Mexico Explorer

from $3268 pp

A land of fascinating contrasts, Mexico offers a large variety of landscapes, climates and traditions. On this trip you will…

Best of Guatemala and Belize

from $4186 pp

Combine exotic Guatemala and Caribbean Belize for a marvellous 2 week journey. We’ll show you Guatemala’s colourful Chichicastenango market, colonial…

Introduction to Central America

Central America tours are able to offer every traveller, of every type, that perfect and ideal, life-changing experience that you have been looking for on your next travel adventure. Central America travel is the adventure!

Sandwiched between North and South America, Central America is the tropical and exotic region introducing travellers to the rich and vibrant culture of Latin America. With so much to explore and experience, Central America tours make for the perfect way to ensure that you really get to see everything this spectacular region of the world has to offer.

Let us take you on an authentic journey throughout the region with a range of Central American tours and Cuba packages designed to provide all travellers with the bright and lively adventure that Latin America always promises to offer. In this rich and versatile region, you’ll be rendered speechless and absolutely dazzled by the sheer beauty of the Caribbean beaches of Mexico and Cuba. You’ll stand in smoky awe of the giant, towering and smouldering volcanoes of Guatemala and Nicaragua. Trek through the lush, green jungles of Panama and Costa Rica like the explorers of old. Unearth the fascinating history of hidden Mayan and Aztec ruins before you thrum and rumba to the decadent and heart-pumping rhythms of Cuban dance.

We are absolutely certain that you will find this region is an unforgettable and sensual experience full of beauty, awe, fabulous hospitality and rich, ancient culture. Our Central America tours are second to none.

Choose from our range of fascinating trips or contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor the perfect itinerary to suit your requirements.

Central America Blogs


Belize Tours

Belize Tours

Belize Tours are for every type of traveller searching for their next big adventure. This amazing country definitely lives up to the old saying that ‘good things come in small packages’. Belize tours are the best way to discover this small, hospitable and stunning Latin nation. For the history buffs, the interested and the adventurous, Belize offers a strong Mayan culture and influence, and amazing natural attractions. This is a country that is guaranteed to please every traveller to her small but rich and vibrant nation.

Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica Tours

There are some very good reasons why travelling to Costa Rica is on almost everybody’s bucket list and seeing the nation’s natural and dazzling beauty with our Costa Rica Tours is just one of those reasons. Stunning Costa Rica Tours, spanning the breadth of Central America, are world renowned for taking travellers to beautiful beaches which span along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba tours with Eclipse showcase a beautiful country of wonderfully preserved history. Cuba mixes 1950s-era cars with rich, tropical rainforest and stunning sugar-white beaches. This subtropical paradise is perfect for a romantic escape, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday. Whether you are an explorer at heart, a relaxer by choice or simply looking for an all-round adventure holiday, Cuba travel packages have the itinerary certain to thrill.

Guatemala Tours

Guatemala Tours

Journey through long-abandoned Mayan cities and thick, exotic rainforests as you discover a Central America you never dreamed possible.

Mexico Tours

Mexico Tours

Mexico tours offer outstanding Mayan and Aztec temples and ruins, spectacular white-sand beaches, grand colonial cities, and vast untouched natural beauty. The favourable climate and world-famous spicy cuisine are additional draw-cards to one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations.

Nicaragua Tours

Nicaragua Tours

As the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua tours has plenty to offer all travellers of every type and travelling adventure. Your Nicaragua travel package could include visiting everything from the rich history and culture of old Spanish colonial architecture, that is still present in Granada City, to the impressive Masaya Volcano towering above the surrounding the region and guaranteed to awe, thrill and inspire every walker to its lofty top.

Panama Tours

Panama Tours

Panama tours with Eclipse showcase the very best of Panama. As a small but punchy country located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Panama travel will thrill and inspire travellers of all types, looking for all kinds of experiences and adventures throughout Central America . Our Panama tours cover everything from the architectural beauty of the cities through to the jaw-dropping natural sights and landscapes.