Price Assurance

When you book with Eclipse Travel, you take advantage of our expert destination knowledge and decades of travel planning experience for FREE! 

There is often a misconception that it costs more to book with a tour operator than it would arranging your holiday by yourself, but that is simply not the case. Eclipse Travel gets paid for our services not by the traveller, but through commissions paid to us by the partners that we book for you including hotels, safari camps, activity operators, cruise operators, and ground handlers.

Part of our product team’s job is to negotiate rates and commissions with all of our suppliers when we set up our contract agreements and visit them to conduct regular quality checks. We generally receive a set industry standard, so we have no incentive to recommend one supplier over another and our clients can rest assured they are receiving unbiased advice.

Where we have developed close relationships with certain suppliers and receive a higher commission than normal, our travel specialists often pass on the difference as an additional saving to our clients to give us a price edge over the competition. 

We also purchase the foreign currency required for your booking at the time you pay your deposit, which in effect locks in the exchange rate, so you know exactly what your holiday cost will be and there will be no surprises when you come to pay your final balance. We provide a one-stop-shop for you to pay one company in your local currency (AUD, NZD or USD), and then we take care of dividing it up amongst all of the various suppliers involved in your trip. The only exception to this is when governments increase national park fees or operators are forced to implement fuel surcharges on your travel dates after you have confirmed your booking, but these scenarios are out of our control and don’t occur very often.

So, long story short, we don’t make any money from you, we make it from our travel partners. This means there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take full advantage of our team’s incredible destination knowledge and travel planning expertise to take the hassle out of organising your dream holiday!