5 reasons why you should cruise the Amazon with Delfin

by Mauricio Zarzar

5 reasons why you should visit the Amazon and why you should do it with Delfin Amazon Cruises.

I recently went on a fantastic trip to the Peruvian Amazon aboard the Delfin III. If you are hesitating between exploring the Amazon on an amazon lodge or doing a cruise then you are also probably asking yourself “Is it worth the extra money for a cruise option?”. Well, if you are travelling all the way into the Amazon, taking quite a few flights and transfers, enduring the heat and are past the “is that mosquito going to kill me” question, then I’d say YES, it is worth it and in the next few lines I will try to explain why.

The Amazon has been on my bucket list for a few years and if you are still reading this then it is probably on yours too. I mean, what’s not to like about the Amazon? Scenery, check; wildlife, check; communities living in a natural way, check. Sure, there is that “but is it dangerous?” questions but when has it ever been 100% safe to get out of your comfort zone and travel? Isn’t that adventure thrill we are after anyway? And no, it is not dangerous if you have mosquito repellent, yellow fever vaccination and a good attitude!

Number 1 reason to choose Delfin Amazon Cruises:
you will cover more areas. As I am sure you know, the Amazon is quite a large area. More than 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon Rainforest and it only hosts approximately 5% of the country’s population. Therefore, if you really want to explore more in the Amazon you would need to move around and the only way is to sail. When staying in a lodge you would do daily activities and excursions each day but would need to come back to overnight in your lodge. The cruise on the other hand will continuously move giving you the chance to see new areas. Especially the Pacaya Samira National Reserve, which is rich in biodiversity.

Your Accommodation. While there is a range of different levels of lodges and cruises, I feel safe to say that the Delfin is one of the best options in the Peruvian Amazon. With an option of three different cruises, Delfin I, II or III, there is a style for you. The Delfin I offers a very intimate experience with only 4 cabins, all with private panoramic terraces and private pool in 2 of these. The Delfin II is a little bit bigger with room for 16 cabins and has a small spa. The Delfin III has space for 23 cabins, big common areas, a hot tub and nice, cosy spa. With wooden décor in Delfin I and II or with a modern concrete décor in Delfin III, I am sure you will love coming back to your air-conditioned room with private bathroom and floor to ceiling windows just to relax.

5 star Service. Hands down this is a 5 star service. Everybody in the crew was always in a great mood, ready to assist and very thoughtful of any requirements we had. We are vegetarians so sometimes they would make special meals just for us and were always attentive of our choices in the breakfast buffet so we don’t choose any “non-vegetarian” option, which wouldn’t be the end of the world to me to be honest but I did appreciate the effort they put. To top it all, they all knew our names and every passenger’s too!

Some of the best food I have ever tried. I must confess, as a Peruvian from Lima I am very picky when it comes to food but the meals aboard the Delfin III where just incredible. With a great variety of local products, they presented beautiful and elegant options for us. The portions were generous and our maitre was always going to every table to explain each course.

Incredibly knowledgeable guides. It’s one thing to have a guide that knows a lot but it is completely different when your guide not only knows about the destination but delivers the information with great passion and joy. All the guides really connected with the passengers and went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time. I had forgotten to pack my binoculars so my guide, Sandro, was always very attentive to handle me his when he spotted wildlife.

Hopefully this blog has been helpful, however if you need more information or reasons to go, then email us or just gives us a call at Eclipse Travel (1300 575 752-Sydney or 0800 144 874-Christchurch) and either myself or one of my colleagues will be happy to have a chat about your next adventure!


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